Danny Murcia didn’t spend his college graduation day walking in line with classmates at Columbia University. Instead, he performed the hit single “Outta Nowhere” with Pitbull live on Katie Couric.
“Katie was nice enough to let me throw my cap on the show though,” he smiles. “That was a really special moment. I was closing one chapter and opening the door to the next.”

However, in some ways, Murcia had already “graduated” to the big leagues long before that day. While in college, the singer, songwriter, and producer divided his time between studying for finals and writing songs for some of the biggest names in pop music. While taking summer courses at UCLA in 2011, Danny met with Latium Entertainment CEO, Charles Chavez who introduced Danny into the songwriting and producer community, and later became his manager.
Shortly after, he’d penned songs for Frankie J [“No TeQuiero Con Él”], Nicole Scherzinger [“Boomerang”], and Celine Dion [“Save Your Soul”]. In addition, the young impresario collaborated with will.i.am. and co-wrote, produced, and performed on three tracks from Pitbull’s chart-topping Global Warming album—“Outta Nowhere”, “Have Some Fun” featuring The Wanted and “Everybody Fucks” featuring Akon. However, everything simply laid the foundation for him to eventually step into the spotlight as an artist himself.

Murcia inked a deal with Columbia Records in early 2013 and began working on his own music immediately. On his solo tunes, he embraces a bevy of flavors from powerful soul to swaggering Latin. At the same time, he preserves a universal pop sensibility that’s divinely dynamic and utterly unshakable.

He explains, “What I do is definitely pop, but it always comes from a soulful place. My roots are based in soul, rock, and funk. I never lose sight of that energy. The Colombian music my mom grew up on plays a big role in my musical heritage too.”

Originally born in Bogotá, Colombia, Murcia moved to the states at six-months-old and, as soon as he could talk, his dad introduced him to a myriad of classic artists from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to Led Zeppelin and Guns N’ Roses. By 14-years-old, he was making beats, playing guitar, drums, bass, and piano, and constructing his own songs. Always, he possessed a clear vision of how each song would blossom.

“For me, music is 360-degrees,” he goes on. “I write, produce, play instruments, and perform. I look up to guys like Prince and Stevie Wonder. They understood who they were and what they were creating. I aspire to that.”

Ultimately, he’s well on his way. Murcia concludes, “I pour so much honesty into the lyrics and concepts. I want to communicate something musically that everyone can relate to, and apply to their own lives. At the same time, you can dance to it and experience a whole range of feelings.”