Killer B is a producer and songwriter who likes to live on the more experimental side of the music industry. He spent his early years as a musician in a punk rock band but growing up in Essex meant he could not escape the electronic pull of the Rave scene. This is probably why his sonic sound bed is so very different from that of his contemporaries as he fuses the brash and dangerous elements of punk with the hard hitting and lush soundscapes of Dance. It is by combining these styles, Killer B provides a very unique take on many genres from pop through to hip hop.

His unique style has led him to work with iconic figures from The Libertines to Rammstein and most recently The Prodigy where he co-wrote two songs and performed on many more for their number one album. As well as being a member of the illusive writing and production partnership ‘The Ghosts’ he has also provided music for many films and hit TV shows such as CSI:NY and continues to make his presence felt from the charts to the big screen.