Like some of the most iconic producers in the current electronic space, MSTR Rogers has his own stamp and sound. It takes some of the groundbreaking global beats recently catapulted across the radio by Diplo and Skrillex’s Jack U project, and mixes that carnival vibe with the soulful heft of a track like ‘Rolling In The Deep’ by Adele. Jarrad is particularly inspired by chain gang era R&B – the likes of Nina Simone are clear reference points on the rousing vocals for ‘Kingdom Come’ about “walking this road” to glory. He’s also stoked on Big Beat era dance music and that same track bears an uncanny likeness to ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’ by The Chemical Brothers. Classic era Fatboy Slim is also detectable.

MSTR Rogers is about using disparate elements and pushing them to extremes in order to create a signature challenging form of beats to define your night out.